Style and fashion are part of my DNA. My studies in fashion merchandising at LaSalle College, my training as a stylist at Les Effrontés and my professional experience in upscale boutiques and as a buyer are a true testament of the quality of my work and the extent of my passion for fashion. My innate sense of style and unique ability to capture every nuance allows me to highlight all body shapes and create custom outfits for my clients. Attentive and approachable, I am the perfect partner for anyone wishing to add some life and colour to their personal image.

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5 Glam Holiday Accessories

Decorations, office parties, family reunions, and of course, presents: the holidays are an intense, colourful time of the year. When it comes to fashion,…

Color your fall!

Ah, October! A month that’s filled with colour. Not just in the trees… But also in fashion! With the grey days of November at…

Get ready for fall! The season of renewal!

Finally, it’s here! We’ve survived the heat wave, the sweat sticking on us and even our vacations (because they can also be exhausting right!?)….