Color your fall!

Ah, October! A month that’s filled with colour. Not just in the trees… But also in fashion! With the grey days of November at our doorstep, it’s one more reason to harmonize your wardrobe with the shades of yellow, orange and red that make our landscapes so radiant this time of year (if these tones suit you, of course!). If nature’s dressing up to the nines, why shouldn’t we?



Are you a “fall woman”?

It’s logical, fall colours bring out the best in “fall women” (there’s a profile type for every season). You fall into this type if you have golden or warm features, green or hazel eyes, red, auburn, chestnut brown or dark brown hair. The colours of the autumn forest are meant for you!

To guide you in your colour choices, I have found a very useful visual tool, that illustrates all the colours “fall women” can experiment with (there are also tips for “spring”, “summer” and “winter women” since this tool identifies the four profile types).

Colours often influence our clothing decisions, but we have to be careful not to let our emotions take over. 😉 The autumn palette, while vibrant and very fashionable this season, may not be the perfect choice for you. Sometimes, it’s important to face facts and recognize what brings out our best side and what is less well adapted to us in terms of colours.


And most of all, plan, plan, plan

October is a great time to plan you winter wardrobe. Because before you know it… As soon as the last leaves have fallen… It’s time to hibernate ‘til spring! Are you ready?

When organizing our clothes, it’s easy to notice certain things missing in our winter wardrobe. A mini-panic could take over for a few moments. It’s normal. But never fear, ladies! To help our sense of style survive the harsh Montreal winter, we just have to be prepared and know where to start to refurnish our wardrobes in a smart and durable way.


That way, we can avoid squirrel mode. Sound familiar, squirrel mode? You know, it’s when you scramble about trying to stock up for winter. We get seduced by new trends (even if they’re not for us) and we buy without thinking. It was on sale, why not? WRONG! Don’t fall into that trap. Of course, we want to stock up, but the right way! In a way that respects our style, our body type and our lifestyle.


The winter survival kit

What I’m looking for is not too complicated. To be able to face the cold without compromising on style! Because my style is one of the ways I express my personality; it distinguishes me from others and it gives me confidence. It’s unique to me and adapted to my lifestyle. But, there’s also no reason to skimp on comfort.

“It’s possible to have the best of both worlds!”

Here is my advice to you on how to optimise your winter arsenal (what we call “winter goods”) to gear up for those long months of snow, freezing rain, and Siberian winds.

  • First, make sure you have your winter essentials. Versatile high boots. A warm coat that flatters your figure. A scarf and fashionable leather gloves to complete your look.
  • Be pleasantly surprised to learn you have a “hat head”! There are many kinds of hats, tuques and other caps that can match your clothing style.
  • And don’t forget a matching purse for your winter look. Why not make a change and opt for a textured handbag? Dare tweed, tartan, wool or faux fur!


To help you with your winter survival, I have prepared a Pinterest board made up of what I consider the MUST HAVES that will help you get through the cold season in style. This way, you’ll have peace of mind and enjoy the best that autumn has to offer. Because there are a few beautiful days left for you to enjoy our magical landscapes! At least, I hope…


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