Get ready for fall! The season of renewal!

Finally, it’s here! We’ve survived the heat wave, the sweat sticking on us and even our vacations (because they can also be exhausting right!?). Summer is fading and fall is growing strong. My favourite season! It’s a comforting season, where I fall in love all over again with my cashmere sweaters, my Chelsea boots and my beloved pattern tartan. It always amazes me how many compliments I get, year after year, when I where this assemble.

In this period of the year, I feel super inspired. EVERYTHING inspires me! The temperature, the scenery, the smell, the lovely Montreal storefronts… I love fall fashion! I remember this profound excitement I felt when I was a kid when I could finally wear my new clothes for our return to school. It was magical.


My January 1st

For me, September brings a wind of change and rebirth. In a way, it’s my January 1st. Another cycle starts. I feel marvellous. Knowing that winter is around the corner, I want to enjoy it to the fullest: meet people and do all sorts of activities. I feel like taking care of myself and I feel more disciplined (I work out, eat better, act on my good resolutions). At this time of the year, if the sun is present, you might see me with my laptop on the terrace of Larue et Fils (one of the great places in Villeray), admiring the Sainte-Cécile church between sips of my latte. I also take the opportunity to visit the charming boutiques of the neighbourhood filled with treasures.


Yeah! Wardrobe transition (I can’t stand my summer clothes anymore!)

In September, I usually make the transition between my summer clothes and fall clothes. I sort through my wardrobe and create space. I don’t hesitate to give away clothes I know I won’t wear anymore. If they are in good condition, I’ll give them away. They’ll make someone else happy. I know we get attached but there has to be limits! If you haven’t worn something in two years, you have to let it go. And for collection pieces and designer clothes, there are initiatives such as Minitrade (for which Mitsou is the ambassador) or Coin dressing, on which it is possible to sell, buy and exchange clothes online.

Once our closet is uncluttered and our clothes perfectly organized (by categories, colors or any way that works for you), you’ll have a better idea of what’s missing. It is then that you’ll make a list of what you need to buy to finalize your fall wardrobe. When it is time to shop, I always emphasize the must-haves that will create a timeless wardrobe.

It is better to have a clean and simple wardrobe that we’ll wear and love rather than one full clothes that have never been worn nor adapted to our style.

We’ll complete it all with fashionable pieces (this fall, the 1970’s retro-chic look is back), making sure it fits our image and silhouette.


 And remember! It’s not because it’s fashionable that you must wear it. As Yves Saint-Laurent said so well: “Fashions fade, style is eternal.”



Dare to have fun with you wardrobe! Don’t hesitate to use accessories to add spirit to your style.


And believe me ladies; you can stay sexy even if you wear layers. It is all in your style and attitude!


Your personal stylist

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