My Secret for Chasing Away the November Blues

November is already here. Everything looks grey, and there isn’t a single leaf left in sight. You can actually feel the humidity penetrating your bones right through to the marrow, and it’s dark outside before the workday is even over. I know—it’s horrible! It’s hard to fight the urge to stay in your pyjamas and curl up under your comforter until spring. I know the feeling! But whether we’re ready for it or not, winter is on its way and we’ll soon have to face the never-ending shovelling sessions and lack of light that come with it. Bah! But of course, we’re true Montrealers: it’ll take a lot more than that to faze us!


My anti-blues strategy

Knowing what awaits us ahead, it’s important to do everything we can to boost our morale and chase away the fall gloom. First of all, let’s get a grip on ourselves: pitying ourselves is not an option. Even if you don’t really feel like it, get moving. In November, if there is one physical activity that helps me keep my balance and keep those seasonal blues away, it’s yoga, which I practice regularly. It helps to ward off my negative thoughts and revitalizes me. For you, it might be jogging, swimming, or something else. What matters is that you spend time doing an activity that makes you feel good. It’s essential!

paris fashionweek fw 2014, day 3

Another strategy to help you get through this rather dull month with a bit more joy and lightness is to add some creativity to your style. Let’s all dare to be a tad more eccentric in an effort to balance out the gloom. I’m convinced we can all really make a difference on our mood depending on how we decide to dress. So don’t be afraid to make November more festive! You’ll already be in the holiday spirit once December comes around. 🙂


Let’s brighten up this city!

The weather has gotten much colder, which forces us to cover up. But don’t see it as a constraint: on the contrary, the extra layers are an opportunity to bring even more of a personal touch to your style, and to stand out by wearing more colour, prints, and textures.


I get excited just thinking about all the extra possibilities when it comes to clothing! Scarves, wraps, ponchos, cozy sweaters, oversized coats… it turns out November has its perks, after all 😉 And let’s not forget the plethora of accessories, boots and booties—the possibilities to play around with are endless. All you need to do is find pieces that flatter you, keep you comfy, and reflect your personality.



Here are my anti-blues picks to help liven up your month of November. Hopefully, they’ll be able to boost your morale a little bit and brighten up your days.


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