My shopping spree experience was fantastic and had nothing to do with the one I’d had a few years ago! I have nothing but positive things to say about Andrée-Anne! She really listens to our needs and limitations, both in terms of style and budget.

– Annabelle C. Accountant, Montreal

Andrée-Anne is definitely in her element. She’s passionate about what she does and it shines through her face! I can sum it up by saying that she has reconciled me with styling services!

– Mélanie B. Manager, Laval

Andrée-Anne is a real magician! For our cousin’s wedding, my sister and I hired her to help us find our perfect outfits. We both have very different styles, which complicated things quite a bit. And somehow, Andrée-Anne pulled through and found us dresses and accessories that truly reflect who each one of us is. And she did it in record time!

– Julie P. et Frederica P. Translator and Stylist, Brossard

Submitted by @MlleGeri


Why they appreciate them:

I met her a few years ago to help her out for a school project and she never left my heart. I was first intrigued by how pretty and elegant she was, she reminded me of me! Haha! I was her client and she had to find new close for me. I can be a pain when it comes to fashion and Im very picky on what I am willing to wear. She handled the situation beautifully. Once the shopping was over, I knew I wanted to see her again. Calling her hard working is an understatement, she just doesn’t back down and goes after what she wants. She decided to leave everything to pursue her dream as a personal stylist and quite frankly is doing very well for herself. I am so proud of my girl! Her contagious laugh and bubbly energy have become a must in my life. She inspires me to keep striving and we support each other in a very authentic way. We both want to see each other win and it’s a rare commodity nowadays. I believe in Divine Order and meeting her is beautiful manifestation of this principle. I am simply grateful for this friendship! Love you girl!